Snow preparations for us start as early as July and August. Contracts prepared, equipment requestioned, and staffing needs discussed. Starting in September the services begin, so long before the first storm ever arrives, the fleet is serviced and ready to go. Our winter focus is snow and ice management so our fleet always stayed prepared. When that fluke storm hits, we are ready to go.


Whether you love or hate winter weather, it’s something that needs to be dealt with. At Gilford Lawn we stand prepared to take on the worst that winter can throw at us. From large scale commercial to residential homes, we have the equipment and crews in place to deal with your needs.


Icy Conditions? We keep our bins well stocked and ready to go, so no matter when you call we are quick to respond. Sand and Magic Salt are never in short supply. Time is always of the essence when safety is a factor.


Per Storm

Only pay when you see us.

Prefer the pay-as-you-go option?  All of our services are available to be billed per storm, inch, or on an application basis.  

Pay Seasonally

Pay ONE price, no matter how many times you see us!

Don’t worry about the snow all season! Whether there is one storm or thirty, you only pay once.

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